Edify School Chhatarpur

Divisional Level Athletic Tournament

Seven soaring athletes of Edify School put in the work at Divisional Level Athletic Tournament and result came with ensnared 15 medals .
* Vivasvaan awasthi grabbed gold 🏅 in 110 Hurdles race and bronze in relay race.
* Srishti chand grabbed three silver 🥈 in 100,200and high jump .
* Prince chaubey grabbed 1silver🥈 in 100m , 2 bronze🥉200m race and shot put .
* Shivani chugwani grabbed 1 silver 🥈 in shot put .
* Anuj choubey grabbed 1 bronze🥉 in 80m hurdles race and 1 bronze 🥉 in relay race.
* Devashish grabbed 1 silver 🥈in high jump and 1 bronze 🥉 in relay race.
* Ayush Singh grabbed 1 silver in 600 m race and 1 bronze 🥉 in relay race. 👍😊
shown fears are often just illusion and earned conquest of their dedication, sweat and time.

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