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Principal Speak

Principal Speak


Ms. Alpa Singh – PRINCIPAL

E-mail – principal@edifyschoolchhatarpur.com

In the ancient Indian education system, the students were taught to grow by pursuing the realization of four ends of life: dharma (righteousness), artha (material well-being), karma (enjoyment), and moksa (liberation from worldly ties). There was a strong guru-shisya bond and the shisya’s were treated as a part of the guru’s family. As we stand in the commercialized education system of the 21st century, the symbiotic relationship between a student and a teacher increasingly appears extinct. A teacher or a guru is not held with reverence that he/she rightly deserves. A student has so many platforms to choose from for studying and pursue extracurricular activities that he gets dazzled.

Howsoever vast amount of information might now be available to us on the click of a button, but the values and skills that drive excellence in an individual remain the same. Some key traits to succeed in any field are to build focus towards your goals, follow discipline and put consistent efforts. We at Edify School believe in providing holistic education fabricating these traits and striving for over all development of our students. School is the correct place for students to find what the big motto of their life should be. They have ample amount of time to work towards it while doing it, have fun. Edify’s academic curriculum empowers the students to make a decisive carrier choice as well as attempts to simultaneously formulate an interest in cultural, sports and others extracurricular activities. Such events will help the student in understanding his/her on likes/dislikes as well as discovering his/her on innate talents in the long run.

The timely academic assessments coupled with extracurricular activities provide great exposure to the students. I encourage all the students to explore their potentials in various fields by actively participating in events and seeking guidance from the wonderful mentors we have on board.

With Warm Regards,

Ms. Alpa Singh