Edify School Chhatarpur

Cooking Without Fire Competition

Edify School, Chhatarpur organized cooking without fire competition for the students of Grade I – VIII.

The importance of cooking without fire to conserve energy was realized by the learners. The concept was to enlighten the traditional and new trends emerging these days with the use of fruits and bakery items and producing a variety of sandwiches that were high in their nutritional values for the new trendy health-conscious generation.

The competition was not only organized for the students to enjoy but it was more like a fun activity. The students displayed their dishes.

The enthusiasm of the students could be seen as they got the opportunity to learn. They also learned about nutrition and healthy eating habits in a very fun and interactive way.

The value of sharing and caring was encouraged when they were asked to give the sandwiches and snacks made by them to their friends.

The students were judged on the basis of their cooking skills.

The innovative idea was appreciated by the Parent Guests/ Judges (Mrs. Nidhi Gupta & Mrs. Nidhi Pahariya) that were selected through a draw. They judged the dishes by tasting the varieties. They appreciated and said cooking is an art that must be known to everyone.

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